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Cool NFT Facts

NonĀ FungibleĀ TokensĀ (NFTs)Ā haveĀ existedĀ forĀ someĀ time,Ā butĀ untilĀ lastĀ year,Ā veryĀ fewĀ peopleĀ wereĀ awareĀ ofĀ them.Ā 
TheĀ numberĀ ofĀ peopleĀ purchasingĀ andĀ sellingĀ theseĀ one-of-a-kindĀ itemsĀ isĀ anticipatedĀ toĀ riseĀ asĀ moreĀ crypto exchangesĀ offerĀ NFTs.
  • NFTs made their market debut in 2014Ā 
  • The top 5 countries in terms of NFT adoption rates are all from Asia.Ā 
  • The definition of an NFT is unknown to more than 70% of Americans.Ā 
  • Doge, an NFT meme, brought in $4 million.Ā 
  • In the United States, 23% of Gen Y (millennials) collect NFTs.Ā 
  • Males are three times as likely than females to be NFT collectors.Ā 
  • On the blockchain network, $10 to $20 million in NFTs are exchanged each week.Ā 
  • The market for collectibles is growing the fastest.Ā 
  • In excess of half of all NFT sales are for sums under $200.Ā 

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The NFT GRENADE INDICATOR combines a number of the top indicators that are closely related to both the crypto and NFT spaces. It is intended to provide you with effective market knowledge so you may trade and flip NFTs with more confidence.
NFT Grenade - Upcoming NFTs
NFT Grenade - Upcoming NFTs

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