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NFT Indicator
Buying Cheap Time 16.26%


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What is NFT Indicator?

 NFT GRENADE INDICATOR is a combination of some of the best indicators tightly connected with all the crypto and NFT space. It is designed to give you an efficient market intelligence, so you can make better decisions on trading and flipping NFTs.

Crypto Fear and Greed Index
Google Search Term "NFT"
OpenSea Volume since ATH
All Marketplace Volume since ATH
Top NFT Projects Floor Price

*the indicator is showing the market metrics and it is not a financial advise.

More information

By having on our side all the best indexes and indicators, we from NFT Grenade can determine what the market sentiment is. We can also can find what is the perfect time to buy and flip NFTs.

Firstly, we are using the powerful tool Crypto Fear and Greed Index, which has proved itself to be extremely accurate over the years. Thanks to the Crypto Fear and Greed Index, we are getting information about people’s fear and is it more likely for them to sell or buy at this particular time.

Secondly, the Google Search term “NFT” is another strong indicator who is showing the interest of newcomers in the NFT space.

Thirdly, Opensea is the biggest NFT marketplace and its volume since its all-time high shows us that people are consistently trading and buying NFTs. Another important indicator is The All Marketplace Volume since ATH, it gives us information about the NFT sentiment from the near past. We need this metric because it will spike/drop first in case of a market reversal.

And finally, Top NFT Projects Floor Price is one of the most important metrics that we are using. Here we are measuring the floor price changes.

In conclusion, all this combined gives us a clear view of the NFT market and helps us to take the right decisions during uncertain times.

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